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Guaranteeing you get the hours you pay for


From speaking to our customers we know that they like to have peace of mind that the hours they pay for are the cleaning hours they get. Often we are told that by customers that cleaning contractors don’t deliver the hours they say which instantly makes that contractor rather expensive!

Vanguard’s culture of complete transparency has meant investing in state of the art technology that will record every shift conducted by our staff. This is done through a remote telephone tracking system and generates an instant timesheet for all our colleagues’ movements. This information can be shared with our customers at any time so that we all know that we really are delivering what we promise.

The telephone tracking system also fulfils a secondary, but no less important job, of monitoring all staff, especially lone workers. The system can be set to raise an alert if a staff member does not enter or leave a building at a certain time enabling real time checks to be made on their safety.

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