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What our staff say

My name is John Hughes and I’m the Operations Manager for Vanguard Cleaning. In 2007 I was looking for a job and I applied for a part time vacancy with Vanguard. The client was Lexus in Chester. You can see from the picture I looked a lot younger then! After 2 years of cleaning at Lexus I applied for a mobile cleaning vacancy which was available within the company. I then moved up to Supervisor and then to Area Manager where I was in charge of 30 sites in North Cheshire. Then, most recently, I have been promoted to Operations Manager. From early on working with Vanguard Cleaning I could tell there was something a bit different about them. They respect their staff whatever level they are at and really do take the time to make sure they are as happy and fulfilled as possible. This culture of pastoral care runs through the business and now instead of being at the receiving end of this caring approach, a major part of my job is making sure everyone is as looked after as an important individual not just as a anominous payroll number!

My name is Sandra Jones and I’m one of the Area Managers for Vanguard Cleaning. I have a similar story to John in that I started off working part time for Vanguard cleaning the offices of the local Driver Standards Agency. I then moved to being a mobile cleaner and then an Area Manager looking after medical centres throughout the northwest. I have a team of approximately 40 cleaners and I really enjoy motivating them and looking after them. Area Managers working for Vanguard are encouraged to treat their “patch” as their own business. This means that I can make decisions quickly and can always come up with ideas to deliver the superb service that Vanguard pride themselves on for all my customers. Despite being able to run my sites as I see best I still know there is massive amounts of support available to me if I need it from the rest of the Vanguard team. I’m a bit of a party animal at heart and another thing I love about Vanguard Cleaning is that they must be one of the very few cleaning companies left who still have a Christmas party! Oh, and we go clay pigeon shooting and go-karting too!

My name is Margaret and I think I’m Vanguard’s longest standing employee at 13 years service. They must be ok to work for if I’ve stuck it this long! I work at Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks. I have worked in cleaning most of my life and have worked for some great companies and some terrible ones. Vanguard are one of the best. I get all the equipment and chemicals delivered when I want them and I’m not told I have to make one trigger spray of glass cleaner last 2 months. I get paid accurately for all the hours I work and of course as everyone knows who works for Vanguard I even get a card and gift voucher on my birthday.There’s no getting away from it – cleaning’s hard work but at least with Vanguard I feel appreciated and like part of a great team - that really matters to me. Everyone is so friendly at Vanguard – I can even ring up the head office staff for a chat if I want. Hopefully I’ll be working with them for at least another 13 years then I might put my feet up for a bit!

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