The 15 Worst Areas For Healthcare In Yorkshire

The quality of healthcare services in your area is an important factor for many people, and it’s not difficult to see why. We’d all prefer ourselves and our families to be well taken care of, so whether that means quicker access to a GP, shorter waiting times in A&E, or a hospital ward that remains spotless, an efficient and speedy healthcare service is highly sought after. Unfortunately, not all surgeries and facilities across the UK live up to this rigorous standard.

Supply chain issues and the lingering after-effects of the pandemic have put the NHS under strain over recent years, which has taken its toll on the institution. Standards for both public and private healthcare are therefore upheld by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which conducts regular audits to ensure robust healthcare is being maintained. Examining everything from facility hygiene to the quality of patient care, many locations pass their inspections with ease, but others do not and are required to make improvements.

That’s where Vanguard’s specialism comes in. Boasting over two decades of medical cleaning expertise, we have worked to help numerous medical practices pass their CQC audits by ensuring an outstanding level of premises hygiene. Our staff training procedures are accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), with cleaning teams that possess the skills and knowledge to tend to a wide range of environments, including offices, receptions, waiting rooms, consulting rooms, and more specialist areas.

In Vanguard’s latest healthcare report, we’ll take a look at medical services across Yorkshire. We’ll see which towns and cities have the worst-rated healthcare services as determined by the CQC, and what that might mean for residents living in the area or looking to move.


Yorkshire Overall CQC Cleaning Statistics

Top 15 Worst Areas For Healthcare In Yorkshire

15. Castleford & Pontefract

19.6% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Ranking just one place above Yorkshire’s largest city of Leeds – Castleford, Pontefract, and the surrounding towns are located southeast of the wider urban area. Marshes, ponds, and rivers are all in abundance, with attractions in the area including Diggerland, a muddy, JCB-themed family park. Unfortunately, the nearby healthcare services leave much to be desired, with 19.6% of services requiring improvement.

That figure includes a total of 18 services rated as Requires Improvement, although the area boasts 3 locations with an Outstanding rating, indicating a mixed bag of quality across the twin towns.


14. Market Weighton

20% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

A lesser-known settlement in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Market Weighton marks the halfway spot between Hull and York. The surroundings are highly rural, with a broad network of reservoirs and waterways connecting farm to field. With such a low population, it is perhaps surprising that the area’s healthcare is strained, with 20% of locations requiring improvement.

With only 5 rated facilities in the area, 4 have earned positive ratings, while 1 Requires Improvement. A further 7 services remain unrated.


13. Royston

20% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

A village just north of Barnsley, Royston is divided by the disused Barnsley canal that cuts through the settlement, dividing it from Rabbit Ings country park, which is no doubt a common destination for nearby residents. It is perhaps wise to make use of the park to keep fit, as 20% of local healthcare services require improvements to their facilities.

That figure breaks down to 12 services rated as Good, and 3 rated as Requires Improvement, a slightly worse proportion than neighbouring Barnsley.


12. Pickering

20% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Bordered on all sides by national parks and sweeping forest landscapes, Pickering is an urban needle amid a natural haystack. The market town is perhaps best known for its close proximity to Flamingo Land Resort, in the neighbouring settlement of Malton. Regardless, healthcare in the area could use substantial work, with 20% of services found to be lacking.

That encompasses 2 medical facilities rated as Requires Improvement, whereas a further 14 services are yet to be inspected by the CQC.


11. Bradford

21% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

One of the larger settlements on this list, Bradford is widely known as a sister city to Leeds and Huddersfield. Since the deindustrialisation of Northern England, it has grown into one of West Yorkshire’s biggest economies, with a sizeable population to boot. However, the city’s healthcare has scaled poorly, with 21% of the area’s health facilities being found to be sub-par.

That includes a whopping 41 services that are rated as Requires Improvement, and a shocking 5 locations that are seen as Inadequate, which will no doubt worry residents.


10. Batley & Dewsbury

22.4% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

The area between Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, and Wakefield is home to a number of settlements including Dewsbury, Batley, Heckmondwike, and Birstall. This suburban sprawl is a patchwork of parks and residential neighbourhoods, with significant populations and therefore a substantial amount of healthcare services, of which 22.4% require improvement.

While that does include 38 locations that are rated poorly, the area also has 6 services rated as Outstanding, which might provide some brighter news for local patients.


9. Garforth

22.7% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Just east of Leeds, Garforth shares much of its healthcare ecosystem with the larger city beside it, but the town and surrounding villages do have their own facilities in addition to this. Unfortunately, many of the nearby services have been found to be lacking in their most recent CQC inspection, with 22.7% of locations needing improvement.

That figure includes 3 surgeries rated Inadequate, which is an unusually worrying stat for an area with such a limited number of facilities.


8. Bridlington

25.7% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Home to a beachfront that stretches for miles down the eastern coastline, the seaside town of Bridlington has a deep fishing heritage, and is famed for processing hundreds of tonnes of crustaceans every year. The town also receives a boost from summer tourism every year. Despite this, the area’s healthcare is not-so renowned, with a quarter of facilities in the region being found below expectation.

Out of the town’s several dozen services, 8 are rated as Requires Improvement, whereas 1 has been given the infamous Inadequate rating.


7. Pocklington

28.6% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Another smaller settlement nested in the hills and fields of Yorkshire, Pocklington is only a short drive away from York. While the settlement once rivalled its larger neighbour for the biggest town in the region, it has since been overshadowed by the bustling metropolis nearby. Overall healthcare in the area is also unimpressive, with 28.6% of services failing their most recent CQC audit.

Only 7 services have been rated in the town, with 2 requiring improvement, 4 rated as Good, and 1 achieving the rating of Outstanding.


6. Stocksbridge

28.6% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Resting on the north-eastern edge of the Peak District, Stocksbridge is not far from Sheffield. The town itself lies in a valley and is surrounded by multiple woodlands, reservoirs, and rivers, making it a rather picturesque locale. Despite the beautiful views, healthcare in the area could use greater observation, with 28.6% of nearby facilities found to be lacking.

That’s a total of 6 services rated as Requires Improvement, in contrast to only 15 services rated as Good.


5. Keighley

29.2% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Not far north of Bradford lies the town of Keighley, sprawling from the point where the Rivers Aire and Worth converge. The town encompasses a number of outlying villages that congregate around the settlement, including Bingley, Haworth, and Silsden. Unfortunately, the healthcare around the area is far from ideal, with 29.2% of services lacking in major areas.

While the surrounding area boasts 5 locations with an Outstanding rating, it also suffers from 18 locations with a Requires Improvement rating.


4. Hornsea

30% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Another seaside town in East Riding, Hornsea is a popular local tourist destination, with a beach, natural lake, museum, zoo, and golf club all located a short distance from one another. As for places to stay, the area boasts a mixture of caravan parks, campsites, and lakeside lodges. When assessing the resort’s healthcare, however, a grimmer picture emerges, with 30% of the area’s facilities being below standard.

That breaks down to 3 services with a Requires Improvement rating, and a further 12 that have not yet been rated.


3. Goole

32% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Halfway between Hull and Doncaster, Goole is a mid-sized settlement that rests on the banks of the Humber. As a major inland dock, Goole is a major depot for logistics and shipping, and is capable of handling millions of tonnes of cargo every year. Despite this, healthcare in the port town is suffering, with almost a third of locations being given a rating of Requires Improvement.

This includes a steep 8 medical services out of 25 that have been rated, causing worry to those living nearby.


2. Thirsk & Sowerby

33.3% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

Two twin towns in North Yorkshire, Thirsk & Sowerby are sandwiched between the region’s two large national parks, while a stream from the Cod Beck reservoir runs through the two settlements. Thirsk is known for its racecourse, where attendees can gather to bet on and observe an afternoon of horse racing. Regardless, healthcare in the area is poor, with a third of services found to be below expectation.

That figure breaks down directly into 6 positively rated services, and 3 rated as Requires Improvement.


1. Driffield

42.9% Of Healthcare Services Require Improvement

A small town just north of Hull takes the top spot in our list for the worst healthcare in Yorkshire. Great Driffield, also known as the capital of the wolds, is a peaceful market town containing Driffield showground, host to renowned events such as one of the UK’s largest agricultural shows and vintage vehicle showcases. Despite the prestige, Driffield’s healthcare is seriously lacking, with an egregious 42.9% of services failing their most recent CQC inspections.

While 18 locations are still unrated, a shocking 6 out of 14 rated facilities were given the unfortunate status of Requires Improvement.


How Vanguard Source Our Data

Vanguard is committed to remaining objective and being fully transparent in how we source our data, which is taken directly from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website. From there, we search across various locations in Yorkshire to learn the number of healthcare services that have earned Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement, and Inadequate ratings in each area. We then calculate the percentage of services that are poorly-rated to discover the overall quality of healthcare in the area.

In every area, some services have yet to be rated, so we exclude these from our calculations. Furthermore, we cast a 5-mile radius across each location to fully catch all of their healthcare services. Due to the UK being a highly metropolitan area, there will naturally be some crossover between urban areas. For example, Seacroft Hospital will serve both the residents of Leeds and Garforth, meaning it is included in the healthcare radius of both locations.