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Our training programme here at Vanguard is one of our crowning achievements. Sculpted over the course of our 21 years in the cleaning industry and honed to perfection, we offer comprehensive guidance and training to every member of our team.

This not only encompasses all of the basics you’d expect from the industry leaders, but extensive instruction in infection control, health and safety best practice, and advanced cleaning techniques. We’re also conscious that you’re expecting those paramount standards throughout your contract, and we ensure this through our regular auditing and reporting procedures.

At Vanguard we invest a significant amount of time in our infection control training.

Unparalleled Levels Of Infection Control

Arguably one of the most crucial aspects of any form of cleaning is controlling infections, especially seasonal and high contagious viruses like norovirus, colds and flu. That’s something we invest significant time into as part of our training processes – we’re firm believers that, by keeping these basics as thorough and meticulous as possible, we can ensure a comprehensive clean.

Our extensive experience also means we’re able to apply that thorough knowledge to a huge range of different sectors, ranging from food preparation areas and restaurants, to offices and schools. Plus, with our rigorous approach to staff training, you’re always exceptional the same level of service and cleanliness.

We ensure all of our employees are fully compliant with health and safety legislations

Our Commitment To Health & Safety

A major part of any industry, and especially so in cleaning, is compliance with the latest legislation from the Health and Safety Executive. We take the utmost care in everything we do, and ensure that all of our staff are completely compliant with the latest in H&S guidance for any job they undertake.

That extends to full adherence to the latest guidelines on the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) in environments where it’s necessary to use chemicals. Your safety is of paramount concern to us, and we do everything we can to ensure a safe and effective clean.

At Vanguard we ensure exceptional service delivered consistently

Quality Service Delivered Consistently

Of course, as much as we can guarantee an exceptional service, it’s only exceptional if we continually deliver that unmatched standard. That’s another area where we place continued emphasis, offering consistent and detailed reporting across all of our cleaning contracts.

We provide in-depth audits and repots on your cleaning at regular intervals throughout your time with us, all of which are expertly designed to guarantee that you’re receiving that same constant level of unparalleled quality.

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With one of the industry’s most rigorous and methodical training procedures, and the professionalism to prove it, Vanguard have the pedigree to provide an exceptional clean.

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