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Boasting over 21 years of cleaning experience, Vanguard are the specialists you need to ensure your school remains a clean, safe environment.

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As one of the UK’s foremost multi-sector cleaning companies, Vanguard have been at the pinnacle of the cleaning industry for over 20 years, with the reviews and reputation to support that exceptional position.

All of our school cleaners are fully DBS-certified, and understand the rigours and demands of  an educational environment. We use a comprehensive, BICSc training system to ensure all of our staff are able to provide the professional and robust levels of cleaning your school needs.

From bespoke private academies, to larger buildings and campuses, our cleaning staff are ideally equipped to provide a professional, high-quality cleaning package.

Hire professional cleaning services for your education facility

What Cleaning Can Vanguard Provide For My School?

Schools are hugely diverse environments, with a heavy footfall from students, staff members and a regular stream of visitors. That constant movement means that schools are hotspots for dirt, grime and viruses, which drives home the need for robust and effective cleaning.

Vanguard offers complete cleans of all classroom areas, including disinfecting desks, dusting, vacuuming, and organisation, with stringent disinfection protocols for communal and dining areas. We can also offer comprehensive cleaning of specialised classrooms, such as science labs and changing rooms.

Plus, with our extensive and rigorous deep cleaning service, we can offer complete infection control measures to stop seasonal viruses like norovirus, colds and flu.

Benefit for education facility for your pupils with a clean environment

Why Professional School Cleaning Is Beneficial

Outside of a more welcoming and accommodating environment for your students, there’s multiple reasons why you should be striving for a more sanitary school:

  • Less Staff & Student Absence – Our infection control procedures ensure that any contagious illnesses are caught early.
  • Better Equipment Lifespan – A dirty or dusty environment can clog up essential equipment like laptops and projectors.
  • Positive Parent Relationship- Keeping your school clean and welcoming helps build positive relationships.
Ensure your school is professional cleaned to improve your Ofsted results

Does A Clean School Mean Better Ofsted Scores?

While Ofsted’s inspections don’t actively measure cleanliness, it plays a pivotal role in a few of their stringent criteria, especially when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation in toilets and kitchen areas. It can also play a part in how Ofsted score student behaviour and safety at your school if messy classrooms and corridors are having a detrimental impact.

Employing a professional, commercial cleaning company like Vanguard can ensure you create a safe, clean environment for your students and the inspector. You’ll then be able to focus on providing the most comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience possible.

Choose a UK leading cleaning supplier for your education facility

Why Choose Vanguard For School Cleaning Services?

As one of the UK’s leading providers of cleaning services, we’re able to provide a completely bespoke service for your school. We tailor-make every aspect of what we offer, and ensure that it fits with not only your unique environment and challenges, but within your budget too.

All of our staff are fully checked by DBS, and will have experience in cleaning a huge range of different environments. Plus, we’re exceptionally proud of our BICSc-approved training system that ensures all of our staff have the same exceptional levels of quality and professionalism.

Vanguard Cleaning

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Vanguard Cleaning

From the smallest store cupboard, to cavernous lecture halls and specialised classrooms, Vanguard Cleaning have the skills, the expertise and the extensive experience to provide a service that’s both professional and affordable.

To find out more, and learn about the bespoke services we provide, contact us today and our expert customer service representatives can answer any questions you may have.

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