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With over 20 years at the pinnacle of the cleaning industry, Vanguard can provide a comprehensive suite of janitorial duties.

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Outstanding Janitorial Services

Since our inception 21 years ago, Vanguard have been completely committed to providing a service that not only embodies the professionalism and passion that are the core of our business model, but that’s completely tailored to the individual needs and demands of businesses from a range of sectors.

That extends to every single member of our close-knit cleaning teams, all of whom have undergone a thorough and meticulous training process to ensure that they’re able to provide those consistently high standards we strive for.

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The Vanguard Approach To Janitoring

We’re exceptionally proud of how we carry out every aspect of our janitorial services. From simple cleaning techniques such as mopping and sweeping, to the more technically adept aspects of our robust auditing and reporting systems, we take every aspect of our janitoring duties seriously.

All of our cleaning packages are completely tailormade. We believe that, because no two businesses are the same, no two approaches to cleaning should be either. We’ll work tirelessly alongside you and your company to ensure that we create a cleaning solution that’s not only bespoke, but that matches with your budget, your needs, and your expectations.

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Why You Need Professional Janitor Services

While it can often be tempting to keep any janitor or cleaning duties in-house, the benefits of outsourcing this to a professional cleaning firm like Vanguard far outweigh any associated costs. Not only do you remove the pressures of this responsibility from your staff, but you can rest assured you’ll receive a more comprehensive and all-encompassing service.

Not only does this ensure that your office or place of business is always clean and tidy (as well as germ-free) for those who work there, but it can also aid in conveying the right impression to any visitors, guests and potential investors.

Our world class training ensure the best quality janitorial services for your business

Training With Vanguard – World Class Standards

One of the key aspects of janitorial services from Vanguard that really sets us apart is the approach we adopt to training our staff members. While all of them come to us from differing backgrounds, we adopt the same, comprehensive approach to training and outfit them with our trademark conscientious attitude and consummate professionalism.

This not only ensures that you’ll receive the same exceptional quality cleaning regardless of who cleans your premises, but that you can rest assured you’ll receive janitorial services that are at the very peak of cleanliness. Plus, with our robust monthly audits and reporting features, your cleaning is exceptional to stay at that same exceptional level.

Vanguard Cleaning

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Vanguard Cleaning

With one of the industry’s highest quality services, coupled with a commitment to affordability and professionalism, Vanguard is the clear choice for all your janitorial needs.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable operatives today to get started on your journey to a cleaner future!

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