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Vanguard Cleaning Services have been at the pinnacle of multi-sector cleaning for over 20 years, with the stellar reputation and reviews to support that pedigree. We strive to provide the highest quality of cleanliness and organisation across everything we do.

We’re incredibly proud of the training we provide to our staff members, ensuring all our cleaners uphold the same exact standards, and that they can provide the levels of cleaning you and your business deserve.

The manufacturing industry is predominantly high-pressure environments, where only the best possible cleaning will suffice when it comes to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your staff, and we’re incredibly proud to be able to provide that level of service.

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What Does Cleaning Involve In The Manufacturing Industry?

As one of the more hazardous environments, cleaning for the manufacturing needs to be safe, organised and above all thorough. Cleaning across manufacturing and industrial sites is multifaceted, and includes:

  • Robust and comprehensive systems for cleaning and sanitising surfaces and floors.
  • Deep cleaning and full sanitisation of production lines, especially for food products.
  • Cleaning spillages that could pose a risk, especially harmful chemicals like mercury.
  • HVAC cleaning, as well as industrial-strength power washers, vacuuming and polishing.
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Understanding The Benefits Of Effective Factory Cleaning

All food manufacturing and distribution must undergo meticulous cleaning regimes to ensure they’re incredibly clean.

By ensuring the integrity and cleanliness of your factory floor, you’re cultivating a much safer environment for your staff members, as well as helping improve mental health.

Clean reception areas are equally important in welcoming visitors, and conveying professionalism and dedication to what you do.

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What Kinds Of Industrial Facility Need Cleaning Services?

While all industrial environments should have some form of cleaning rota in place, certain kinds of manufacturing facilities are in more dire need than others when it comes to effective and professional cleaning. This includes:

  • Food Processing & Manufacturing Facilities – Cleanliness is paramount in these environments, especially with stringent regulations.
  • Industrial Bakeries & Food Production – Industrial-sized ovens and rotisserie machines must be cleaned regularly.
  • Factory Machinery & Floor Cleaning – Often a hotspot for grease, dust, oil and other forms of dirt, your factory floor and machinery should be regularly cleaned.
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Why Choose Vanguard For Your Industrial Cleaning?

As one of the foremost cleaning companies in the UK, we’ve got an extensive, 21 year history of providing unparalleled levels of quality across all of the cleaning we do. We strive to provide exceptional standards across all that we do, and our pedigree and illustrious reputation is living proof of that.

Our expertly trained cleaners can provide a completely bespoke service that’s specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your facility, your staff and the authorities. We’ll do all of this with an unmatched level of passion and enthusiasm for what we do, as well as at a price that matches your budget.

Vanguard Cleaning

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Vanguard Cleaning

As one of the industry’s longest-standing cleaning companies, Vanguard are the clear choice for professional, high quality cleaning services across the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

If you’ve set your sights on the best, or you’d like to learn more about Vanguard, contact one of our knowledgeable experts today, and we’d be more than happy to needs and demands of your business.

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