Vanguard’s Virtues – Why They Matter

Explore more about our system of virtues, and how they factor into everything we do here at Vanguard.

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Our Virtues & Purpose – The Vanguard Way

At Vanguard, we’re firm believers that this company is the product of everyone’s grit, determination and consistent hard work. A huge part of that is the virtues we keep at the core of everything we do, which drive us forward with every cleaning contract we undertake. Everyone at Vanguard plays a pivotal role, and has the opportunity to take their unique insight forward.

Vanguards humility virtue


One of the key things we need to acknowledge is that we’re all human – mistakes can and do happen, and it’s how we acknowledge those and move forward that defines our progress. Humility plays an absolutely pivotal role in everything we do here at Vanguard, and we take honesty and integrity incredibly seriously.

It’s also a matter of respect and admiration of each person we work alongside. We take into consideration the opinions and suggestions of everyone in the business, and these help shape the future of what we do, and how we approach our next venture.



Passion and enthusiasm are integral to the Vanguard virtues. Without that compelling desire to excel in all that we, we know we wouldn’t be in the privileged position we find ourselves in. That’s an attitude that filters down from our senior management team through to our newest colleagues, and it propels us forward.

Our impassioned approach is also a key driver behind our meticulous attention to detail, and the tailormade service we offer to each and every one of our clients. We’re determined not just to be the hardest workers in the room, but industry-wide, and that begins with having a passionate attitude to everything we do.

Vanguards people first virtue

People First

Our people are at the forefront of everything we do, every initiative we implement, and every move we make in our industry. They’re the lifeblood of the things we aim to achieve, and taking a people first approach is the ideal way to ensure that our people feel valued and appreciated throughout their time at Vanguard.
We take this a step further, promoting from within wherever possible, and rewarding those who’ve demonstrated dedication, passion and unwavering commitment. It’s all part and parcel of the people first attitude we seek to imbue into everything we do here at Vanguard.

Our Virtues Explained

In such a competitive industry, we knew we wanted something that allowed us to excel, and to truly foreground the aspects that make us the clear choice for our clients.

While they were the product of a long consideration process and numerous redesigns, one thing was always consistent – they needed to concisely encapsulate what we stand for, yet retain the gravitas and powerful nature of a mission statement. With that in mind, it naturally made sense to harness what we knew we already had, and what we knew could prepare us for future successes.

Without Humility, we wouldn’t be able to understand our shortcomings and aim to progress. Without Passion, we’d never have achieved the things we have, nor provided that exceptional level of service we’ve become known for and our clients have become accustomed to. And without a People First approach, none of what we’ve achieved would’ve ever been possible.

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