Choosing The Right Cleaning Company For You

With workers returning to the office across the country, the increased foot traffic will undoubtedly start to create more mess. As a result, professional cleaning services are more important than ever to keep your premises hygienic and presentable.

Whether it be a factory floor, a doctor’s office needing sanitation, or a school requiring general upkeep and maintenance, many businesses have specialist cleaning needs, but they don’t necessarily have the time to browse every option on the market. With over 66,000 cleaning companies in the UK, it can be difficult to know what company and what package will work the best for them.

Commercial cleaning companies like Vanguard Cleaning provide a variety of services, from intensive deep cleans to daily maintenance. They also provide specialist cleaning options for floors, windows, and bathrooms, to ensure every inch of your premises is cleaned to a professional standard.

In this article, we will outline why professional cleaning is so important, and what you should look for when choosing a cleaning company. We will explore the various options available and present all the information you need to choose a cleaning package that suits you and your business.


Why Is Professional Cleaning So Important?

Hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance, no matter the business.

Not only do dirty work environments increase the spread of harmful bacteria, leading to employee sickness and absences, but hazards like spillages or rubbish left on the floor can also contribute to workplace accidents. According to the UK Office For National Statistics, a whopping 185.6 million working days were lost in 2022 due to employee sickness or injury.

In addition to the lost productivity, cross-contamination can pose a serious risk to areas dealing with food, such as hospitality or retail. If not properly attended to, this can unfortunately cause serious illness or in worst-case scenarios, even death.

Beyond the health implications, grimy work environments reduce employee morale and are certain to turn away possible customers. With over 95% of shoppers saying exterior appearance influences where they take their business, a clean storefront is essential for attracting customers, and a spotless office vital for impressing clients.



5 Things To Look For In A Cleaning Company


1. A Custom Cleaning Package Will Provide The Right Services At The Right Price

Naturally, every business will have different hygienic needs. Some areas will need daily cleaning, whereas others are more suited to a weekly cleaning schedule, and some might only need a monthly touch up. Time of day is also important – for instance, a restaurant will want to avoid cleaning during peak service hours.

Of course, some companies have specialist equipment that needs extra attention, and each business will have a different budget available for facility management.

All of this can be addressed with a custom, tailormade cleaning package, which is essential to getting the balance just right. A full breakdown of services can tackle key areas of concern and set out a robust cleaning schedule. Cost will also be more flexible with this approach, depending on the type and frequency of services provided.

Low customer satisfaction can more than halve bookings, so companies like Vanguard offer customized cleaning plans, allowing you to find the right combination of services and decide the right schedule for you. This ensures your money is spent on the areas and timeframe it’s needed.


2. Highly Trained Staff Will Deliver A Better Service

With cleaners making up approximately 5% of the UK’s workforce, there is no doubt that people are the backbone of any professional cleaning service, and the more training a staff member receives, the higher standard of service they will deliver. This can ultimately make the difference between receiving the bare minimum service, and a professionally trained cleaner leaving your premises looking pristine.

Exceptional cleaning standards focuses not only on hygiene level, but also speed, efficiency, and presentation, which are all priorities for busy, fast-paced businesses. Additionally, trained cleaning professionals are better equipped to deal with specialist equipment, knowing the optimal products to use and what precautions and techniques to adopt.

Vanguard Cleaning is an industry leader when it comes to training, providing every staff member the full support they need to clean across a variety of industries and environments. Our training is accredited by the British Institute Of Cleaning, supplying a level of expertise that is unmatched by our competitors.


3. Experience In Commercial Cleaning Is Essential

As with many sectors, previous experience in the industry is a must. Services with a proven track record are typically more reliable and more thorough than younger firms, but it isn’t just the length of experience that matters. Type of experience, such as cleaning across multiple sectors, is also important.

Despite the large number of cleaning companies in the UK, nine out of every ten are small businesses, employing less than 10 people. Many will be local firms, servicing clients in the surrounding area, and while they may provide a good service, most will not acquire the extensive experience that nationwide companies possess. In the same way, they will not work across as many sectors and have as diverse a portfolio.

Vanguard, on the other hand, has a deep history in cleaning, with over 21 years of experience, starting their journey in the medical field. Since then, they have expanded into hospitality, industrial, retail, and a half dozen other industries, building a strong reputation and perfecting their process over years of experience.


4. They Leave Your Premises Looking Pristine

One of the worst things a public-facing business can do is let their storefront fall into disrepair. The appearance of their premises, both the interior and exterior, can massively impact the public’s perception of the company, and have serious ramifications for sales.

Research shows that as many as 99% of customers would not return to a store if it was dirty or had a poor level of hygiene. That could be crippling to a business’s cashflow, and highlights once again how important professional cleaning is in ensuring your business runs smoothly.

The same is true for office buildings – not only does it turn away guests and potential business partners, but it can seriously affect employee morale. Studies have found that clutter can contribute to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. On top of that, a messy work environment worsens focus and lowers overall productivity.

Beyond daily/weekly cleaning, Vanguard offers special services to ensure your business avoids these perils. Opting into quality window cleaning can ensure your shopfront stands out on the high street, whereas bespoke floor cleaning will make your interiors shine.


5. They Offer Specialist Services For Your Industry

If looking for a specialist cleaning provider, you’d be wise to choose a company that already has experience in offering and adapting to special projects. Whether it be a unique piece of equipment that needs sanitising, a high-risk area for pathogens, or a space that traps dust or accumulates dirt quickly, there’s a cleaning solution for every workplace.

Attention to detail is vital to success, as is being able to process and implement specific requirements. In some cases, precautions will need to be taken for dangerous equipment or materials, and cleaning staff that properly understand and follow safety procedures are essential for safely fulfilling the requirements of the job.

Vanguard offers special cleaning services for a variety of sectors, including comprehensive deep cleans, manufacturing and kitchen cleans, and floor cleaners tailored to your premises. Additionally, having launched the company by cleaning doctor’s offices and clinics, we also remain at the forefront of the medical field.


Why Vanguard Cleaning Is The Clear Choice

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Vanguard is an excellent way of resolving any and all cleaning-related issues. We offer a spectrum of cleaning packages and options, whether you’re looking for a quick touch up or a more extensive deep clean of the premises.

Services include:

As outlined in this article, our services are available for a wide range of sectors and industries, and can be hired for locations across the breadth of Britain.

With our tailormade cleaning contracts, we aim to provide solutions that suit the specific needs of your business. Type of service, cleaning schedule, and plan price are all dependent on the individual arrangement, ensuring your business receives the exact service it needs, whenever you need it. Unlike other cleaning companies, we take into account your budget and business size to craft your tailored cleaning package, and will go the extra mile to ensure it is implemented as conveniently as possible.

Vanguard’s cleaning staff are available any time of the day to avoid disruption to your business’s work hours, and to fulfil our service at a time that suits you. They are trained to the highest standard in the industry, accredited by The British Institute Of Cleaning Science (BICS), and will provide an exceptional cleaning service, ensuring your business remains spotless and enjoys the continued sales and productivity that comes with it.

To find out more about why your business needs a professional cleaning company, what we offer, and receive a free, no obligation quote, contact our team of professionals at Vanguard HQ.