How Commercial Cleaning Conveys An Impressive Impression

There’s long been research around how a clean environment is conducive to a wide range of different positives. Whether it’s improving mental health, a more productive workplace, or simply an easier time finding the resources we need, there’s endless benefits to a more hygienic working area.

Arguably one of the less spoken-about benefits of cleanliness is the impression it helps to convey to your visitors. While it’s most applicable to a business environment, it’s equally true of our homes – we always want to put our best foot forward when it comes to how we appear to guests.

That’s where commercial cleaning can really come into its own, and with Vanguard Cleaning, you’ll constantly receive the utmost in quality, professionalism and passion for what we do. We’re fully committed to the highest possible standards across every aspect of cleaning, whether that’s janitorial services or more enhanced cleaning services.

Plus, with our extensive levels of experience and expertise, we’re always at the cutting edge of the latest developments. In our newest article, we’ll explore how a clean environment puts across the right impression, and what that means for your business and your people.


What Does Commercial Cleaning Involve?

Commercial cleaning is the term given to any form of cleaning that’s outsourced to a professional or licenced cleaning company. These will be able to offer a more complete range of services, and provide a more concrete guarantee of customer satisfaction.

As a general rule, most people will contact a commercial cleaning company to remove any pressure from their in-house staff, as well as address any underlying or more challenging issues, such as grimy bathrooms or kitchen facilities.

While the service can encompass a huge variety of different cleaning functionality, the most popular options include:

Most businesses will have a longer-term contract with their cleaning company, in exchange for a sustained level of quality and cleanliness. This not only offers stability in terms of hygiene, but ensures that any associated costs can be factored into the company’s yearly budget.

But beyond the obvious benefits that a professional cleaning company brings with it, it’s also essential for conveying the right impression of your business. Without it, you run the risk of turning away customers, and potentially losing business you’ve worked hard to drum up.


3 Reasons Why Commercial Cleaning Is Essential For Your Brand Image

With every industry quickly becoming more and more competitive, particularly those in the hospitality and retail sectors, there’s never been a more pressing time to ensure you invest in the right kinds of cleaning for your business.

Let’s explore 3 of the key reasons why professional cleaning leads to better client retention, a more sales-friendly environment, and a more welcoming and accommodating atmosphere that’s designed to keep your customers satisfied.


1. A Clean Premises Will Encourage Employees

It stands to reason that, when we’re better organised, we’re more productive. We’re able to accomplish more, in a more timely manner, and with a more consistent level of effort, passion and enthusiasm.

Scientific research is supportive of this hypothesis, too. A recent study found that a clean working environment leads to an unequivocal rise in productivity, as well as greater job satisfaction, and an increased willingness to put in more effort.

That efficiency and enthusiasm is infectious, and a happy workforce ensures that not only is everything is carried out to a higher standard, but that this good attitude translates to a happier customer base, and one that’s more likely to make a purchase.

This also applies to an office environment, too. While you may not necessarily be physically involved in the sales process, the eagerness your staff demonstrate as they undertake their work is something that directly correlates with how productive they are.

Ultimately, keeping an eye towards how fruitful your colleagues and staff are can contribute significantly towards the bottom line, and better pave the way for future successes.


2. Clean Premises Are More Attractive To Customers

It goes without saying that we’re naturally more inclined to visit somewhere that appears welcoming. There’s a definitive connection between how well appointed or maintained a place is, and our innate desire to visit.

A great example of this is a supermarket. While it’s by no means representative of the full spectrum of retail premises, or of every business that could benefit from a commercial cleaning contract, it does illustrate just how much of an impact cleanliness makes.

Consumers naturally won’t want to buy from somewhere that’s not well-maintained. An untidy or dirty shelf is often a sign that stock isn’t properly stored, or that it could come into contact with contaminants.

That can (and often does) mean the difference between a customer or client opting to buy that product or use your service, and going elsewhere for what they need. That’s further exacerbated by the heavily contested market we find ourselves in – consumers now have far more choice than ever before.

Keeping everything at a good standard of hygiene is the simple remedy to that issue. Continuing with our example of a supermarket, that would include all the areas you’d expect (such as floors, shelving and checkouts), but also extend to less-than-obvious locations, like edges of a refrigerator, or in the coin slot of a self-checkout.

With that in mind, it’s crucial you place more of an emphasis on your cleanliness, and the ideal way to do so is through a commercial cleaning company that’s able to offer services that are bespoke to your premises.


3. A Clean Premises Will Impress Visitors & Prospects

While the above examples place more of a focus on shops and retail premises, these business locations aren’t the only ones that need to impress.

Whether it’s an office building looking to entertain potential new clients, or a factory preparing for a site visit from upper management, a dirty and messy premises will create a poor image of your general competence.

It’s not likely to fill your visitors with confidence that your business is running smoothly, and when high stakes like important business deals are on the line, a dirty premises could be the critical factor that causes it to fall through.

On the other hand, an impeccable level of hygiene across your facility is a convincing sign that you run a watertight operation. Clean and tidy rooms and a well-groomed exterior imply a greater attention to detail and a high drive for excellence, giving peace of mind to buyers and business partners that their money is in safe hands.

Such an effect isn’t limited to clients, either. Visitors and interviewees will judge your premises just as harshly, and will factor this into their decision making. As such, candidates may avoid accepting a job at what they perceive to be a poorly performing business, ensuring you lose out on talented and qualified individuals.  In the same vein, auditors and officials may develop a negative bias to your business even if what they’re assessing has nothing to do with hygiene.

Ultimately, perception is reality, and businesses should aim to give off the best possible impression they can to every visitor, regardless of provenance or importance. For this reason, the help of a commercial cleaning company like Vanguard will go a long way in ensuring consistent premises hygiene.


4. Clean Premises More Than Meet Health & Safety Standards

It’s a harsh reality that many premises, especially those in the retail and food service sectors, will often face stringent standards when it comes to their Health and Safety requirements. For good reason, of course – you’re responsible for keeping others safe, and a big part of that comes from the products and services you provide.

These regularly present a headache for those in charge of facilities management, as business owners scramble to ensure that the criteria are met, and that they fall in line with the relevant governing bodies.

For instance, those who work in the food service and hospitality sector will naturally need to abide by the guidance outlined by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Similarly, there’s a string of rules that retail premises need to follow, also from the FSA.

As a general overview, these provide strict guidelines on:

  • Specific cleaning practices to follow
  • Guidelines on cleaning necessary equipment, like cloths and mop heads
  • Safe food storage and display methods
  • Cleaning schedules, such as how often to clean key storage areas like fridges and shelving
  • How and when to dispose of food waste and other rubbish
  • Technical standards by which any disinfectant or chemical used must adhere to

Failing to meet those conditions carries substantial consequences, ranging from poor hygiene ratings issued by the FSA, to closure and even legal proceedings for the most egregious incidents. With commercial cleaning, those fears are a thing of the past.

While all commercial cleaners can go some way towards meeting those standards, true professionals like those at Vanguard can more than exceed the standards expected by the Food Standards Agency and other associated organisations.


Choosing Vanguard To Boost Your Brand

As one of the UK’s leading cleaning and facilities management companies, Vanguard have long been in control of every aspect of commercial cleaning. Beginning life as a medical company back in 2001, we’ve since evolved significantly to bring that meticulous eye for detail to a huge range of sectors and industries.

Our suite of services is unmatched, comprising everything from simple janitorial duties and basic cleaning, to specialised cleans with cutting-edge equipment and tools, to deep cleans and infection control following a viral outbreak – essential in the winter months.

We’ll not only offer everything you need to meet the rigorous requirements of the HSE and any other governing bodies, we’re also exceptionally proud to be one of few cleaning firms to offer a completely bespoke service.

All of our cleaning solutions are created with your business and its unique needs in mind. This not only means you’ll always have what you need when you need it, but that everything you receive will always be within your budget.

With Vanguard on your side, you can rest assured you’re receiving a clean that’s exceptional to bring in new clients and customers, as well as keep your repeat guests returning. Plus, with our industry-beating training programme, you can expect to receive that unmatched level of quality throughout your time with us.

If you’d like to discover more about what Vanguard can offer you and your business, or you’re curious how we operate, get in touch with our expert operators today!