Commercial Cleaning Checklist For A Pristine Office Workplace

Keeping a clean workspace is crucial to the success of any business, from maintaining reputational standards to minimising the risk of health problems for both staff and customers.

As an employer, you have a duty of care for the health and safety of your employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This includes keeping your office clean, by keeping your office in a safe condition, and without health risks.

The act requires employers to provide a workplace that is safe and suitable for work to take place. Its regulations apply to all office areas, including kitchen areas and bathrooms.

An unsanitary workplace can cause sickness, leaving your office understaffed and unable to operate efficiently. Cleaning procedures help prevent the spread of colds and viruses, the importance of which we are all aware of following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, a site-specific schedule can keep your office happy and healthy, minimizing the risk of staff sickness so that you can operate at your best. This is an easy way to ensure your business is not only adhering to the 1974 Act, but also helps to create a pleasant environment for your employees and any visitors.

Whilst some businesses may opt to take cleaning duties on themselves, using a commercial cleaning company ensures your office is kept to industry-high standards, with the right products and techniques to make your cleaning procedures as effective as possible.

With a commercial cleaning service like Vanguard you can create an impressive impression, you can be sure your office is cleaned in line with your business’ needs, with all our contracts custom-built to suit your business requirements.


What Is Commercial Cleaning, And Why Is It Important?

Commercial cleaning is an umbrella term for a range of cleaning services provided to businesses across different sectors. Commercial cleaning services are performed by trained professionals, who have the knowledge and expertise to perform these tasks to a stellar standard.

From product knowledge and techniques to industry-leading machinery, commercial cleaners hold the specialist skills to clean effectively and efficiently. Commercial cleaning can take place in offices, shops, factories, bars, restaurants and more.

In this article, Vanguard will be exploring commercial cleaning for office environments, with a focus on the tasks should be part of regular cleaning and what should be done as part of a deep cleaning process.

Regular cleaning refers to what procedures should be done frequently, ideally daily or at least a few times a week. You could view this as essential maintenance cleaning, such as wiping surfaces and removing trash. These tasks are important in removing germs and bacteria.

Deep cleaning refers to a clean beyond standard day-to-day duties, and that takes place less frequently. The timescale will vary depending on office size, number of staff and usage of the office space, but should be conducted at least twice a year to maintain a safe working environment.

This is a deeper cleaning process which should involve moving furniture and other items to clean areas which are often forgotten about or out-of-sight.


Regular Cleaning Checklist For Offices

These tasks should be completed several times a week minimum, to maintain general cleanliness, avoid unpleasant smells and keep the day-to-day office sanitary. Below is a list of the tasks that should be included on the regular cleaning schedule.

1. Vacuuming Carpeted Areas

Vacuuming is an important task to be completed regularly to remove built-up dust and dirt. Commercial vacuum cleaning utilizes the correct machinery to ensure your office carpets are kept clean, and their lifespan is extended as long as possible to save you on replacement costs.

Additionally, vacuuming improves air quality, an essential consideration for workers who suffer from allergies and asthma. Vacuuming also prevents dust mites and mould growth.

Dust mites can increase at a rapid rate, with each female able to produce over 25 new mites per week, so vacuuming at least once a week is a crucial part of a regular commercial checklist for officers.

With Vanguard, you don’t need to worry about PAT testing or whether your business has insurance to cover employees using vacuuming machines, whether your machine is working effectively, or any other concerns. Vanguard has industry-leading experience and supplies the correct machinery, so you don’t spend on equipment that isn’t up to standard.

2. Mopping Hard Floor Areas

Mopping floors not only improves the look of your office but also removes germs and bacteria brought in by foot. Spillages can happen, so it’s important to mop these up to prevent mould growth.

Mould can form within 24 hours of encountering a moisture source, so regular procedures to combat this are an essential part of a commercial cleaning checklist for office spaces.

In addition, sparkling clean floors create a shining impression of your business for all that visit.

With Vanguard’s tailor-made cleaning schedules, your floors will be kept clean and sparkling for every business day, using the best cleaning products for your office. We also offer a  to ensure your floors are always looking as good as new.

3. Emptying Bins and Recycling

This may seem obvious, but emptying trash is essential to minimising a range of health and safety issues, as trash can harbour a range of bacteria and attract insects.

Emptying bins is an important task to keep a happy office, yet often overlooked. With Vanguard, you can be sure that these tasks are always completed as part of your comprehensive cleaning service.

4. Sanitising Of Surfaces And Key Touchpoints

Common coughs and colds are easily transferred through un-sanitized surfaces. This means that surfaces that are frequently in contact with a range of people can be a spreading source for viruses, which can result in staff calling in sick.

Research indicates that resilient viruses such as COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for up to 72 hours, so regular sanitation is key to minimizing contamination. Examples of key touchpoints include:

  • Laptops
  • Keyboards
  • Door handles
  • Lift buttons
  • Handrails

Commercial cleaning companies like Vanguard ensure that these surfaces are cleaned effectively, to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting surfaces is an effective way to combat the spread of coughs and colds, using industry-leading products.

With Vanguards extensive experience in providing medical cleaning services and infection control measures, you can be sure that all surfaces are cleaned effectively, so you can rest assured that common viruses spread through contact are stopped in their tracks.

5. Restroom Cleaning

Legally, any employer must provide “facilities suitable for any worker”. This means that restroom cleaning is important for office spaces too.

Restrooms are an important element of any office, and a commercial cleaning service like Vanguard provides effective cleaning, in addition to replenishing consumables such as toilet rolls, soap, hand towels and more.

Vanguard’s 21 years in cleaning is here to provide a comprehensive cleaning service that removes the pressure from you and your employees, so you can focus on getting business done.


Deep Cleaning Checklist For Offices

Less frequent, but equally important, deep cleaning keeps your office sanitary in areas that may be out of sight and out of mind. By giving your office a commercial deep clean, you can ensure your office is truly clean beyond eye level.

Below is a checklist of what tasks should be included on your deep cleaning checklist, to keep your office hygienic and maintain cleanliness standards.

1. Sanitising Office Walls And Surfaces

Walls and other surfaces may not receive in-person contact as often as handrails and keyboards, but can still harbour germs and bacteria. Cleaning these surfaces removes these bacteria, helping prevent it from spreading.

With a cleaning company like Vanguard and our in-depth industry knowledge, your surfaces are left sparkling, without risking damage. Paintwork, wallpapers and surfaces can all become damaged if the wrong products are used, but Vanguard’s expertise ensures that only the appropriate chemicals are used on your surfaces, which can save you from spending on costly repairs.

2. Dusting Hard-To-Reach Areas

Dust builds up over time, even in areas out of sight. As a prominent allergen, it’s important to remove dust build-ups for the health of employees.

Research shows that allergy is the most common chronic disease across Europe, affecting over 150 million. Dust can build up out-of-sight, so a deep clean to remove this build-up is crucial to keeping your office fresh.

Hard-to-reach areas include:

  • Light fixtures
  • Inside and on top of cabinets
  • Ceilings
  • Behind screens
  • Inside Radiator Covers

Each of these are often harbours for thick layers of dust and grime, meaning a deep cleaning service that prioritises these areas is an absolute essential.

3. Window Cleaning

Whether internal or external, cleaning windows is an important element of deep cleaning, removing stains which obscure the view. Cleaning windows not only removes visible marks but other germs, increasing the hygiene of your office.

Having clean windows can increase productivity in the office, with employees less likely to experience eyestrain or headaches. That’s also conducive to better mental health, and a much more positive outlook for you and your staff.

Vanguard’s window cleaning service uses the highest quality fluids and cloth to provide a streak-free clean. This not only leaves your office sparkling but maximises the light available to infiltrate your office space, resulting in a more productive office.

4. Cleaning All Office Equipment

Whilst a day-to-day clean should include a wipe of desk surfaces and computers, other equipment may be left uncleaned for a long period. Cabinet exteriors, chairs and skirting boards, for example, require a wipe to remove bacteria.

Having a clean office creates a glowing impression for any visitors, so your business creates a stunning impression from the get-go.

As all our cleaning contracts at Vanguard are tailormade, the types of specific equipment cleaning can be discussed according to your needs, so your office gets the best, bespoke deep-cleaning service.

5.Office Storage Cleaning

Another area that is often used is the inside of cabinets. Whilst not in direct sight, a deep clean of office storage aids with the issues of dust build-up, in addition to removing any debris and providing sanitation.

That’s particularly true of kitchen and food storage cupboards, which can often lack that hygienic touch on a more regular basis, and are naturally hives of mould, dirt and crumbs that can mount into a more serious issue.

Cleaning inside cabinets and other office storage is part of the detailed cleaning service that Vanguard provides, ensuring your space undergoes a rigorous cleaning to keep your office – and all its content – cleaned to the highest standard.


Give Your Office A Pristine Clean With Vanguard

Vanguard has your office covered for a complete, all-encompassing service for your office space. With 22 years of experience, Vanguard offers both daily cleaning and deep cleaning to ensure your office is always pristine.

Each of our cleaning contracts is tailormade, as we know every office is different. No matter the size of your office, Vanguard can create a bespoke service for your space, so you can focus on running your business.

Our services can start as early as 5 a.m. and finish as late as 10 p.m., ensuring your office receives a regular clean without disrupting your working day. Vanguard’s specialist services can also offer cleaning times throughout the day, which is particularly useful for larger offices.

With our approval from the British Institute Of Cleaning Science (BICSc), Vanguard is recognised for having training and procedures of the highest quality. Our approval from the Alcumus Safe Contractor Scheme backs this up, making Vanguard recognised for providing a gold-standard service across a range of sectors.

Vanguard’s quality services provide you with a reliable clean to take the stress out of maintaining your office space. Our office and commercial cleaning packages provide cutting-edge sanitation, with each of our cleaners having undergone a vigorous training process which places us as a firm industry leader.

Give your office a pristine clean with Vanguard, preventing employee absence whilst providing a cost-efficient cleaning process. To learn more about our competitive rates and receive a free quote, contact Vanguard today!