Vanguard’s Commitment To Better Mental Health

At Vanguard, we’ve always been an advocate for creating open dialogue and support for those dealing with mental health issues. As a People First business, it’s ingrained in our culture and our virtues – we believe in the best for everyone involved with Vanguard, from our management to our newest cleaner.

That’s where our new “We’re Here” programme takes centrestage. We set out to create something that really sums up our consistently supportive and forward-thinking attitude towards mental health problems, and that’s the key reason behind why we came up with the programme.

It superbly encapsulates what we want to achieve with this new initiative. Across the cleaning sector and beyond, there’s a lot of empty words and suggested ideas that lack any real action – we’re aiming to buck that trend. This isn’t a box-ticking exercise for us here at Vanguard – it’s about driving real changes in attitude.

We’ve all seen the statistics on mental health issues, but they only tell half a story. There are names and stories behind those figures, and that’s one of the key aims of this programme– to give voice to those who might feel voiceless.

I’ve assembled a team of trusted and selfless members of the extensive Vanguard team who’ve all got their own stories and experiences when it comes to mental health, and that are dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of everyone.

That team includes:

  • Emily Macaulay as the Deputy Chair
  • Katherine Ring
  • Dom Johnson
  • Mandy Edwards
  • Chris Barber

I’ve always believed a supportive workplace is one that can thrive, and that especially true when it comes to our mental health. Cleaning can often be a stressful industry, and offering support – even if it’s just a chat and a cup of coffee – is paramount.

That’s the essence of this programme, then. We want to open the channels that often appear closed, and give those who are suffering a chance to talk, confidentially, about what’s bothering them, and how we can best offer support, guidance and resources.

Ultimately, if this programme only helps one or two people, I’ll consider it a success – I want people to feel as though they matter, and that they’re not just another number in the worrying statistics that dominate the headlines.

I’m so proud to be bringing this to the fore here at Vanguard, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this team can do!