The Importance Of A Clean Workspace For Employee Productivity

With most of the UK workforce now back in the office, keeping a clean and tidy workspace is a consideration for all businesses to keep staff happy and healthy. A clean space increases aesthetic appeal and can impact visitors’ perception of your business, which is especially important to attract clients and investors. On top of this, it can improve the wellbeing of staff and increase overall productivity. This is because a cleaner working environment harbours less harmful bacteria, meaning a reduction in the spread of viruses that result in staff absences. Clean workspaces are therefore more efficient and more likely to work at optimal capacity, so you can get business done.

Commercial cleaning companies like Vanguard Cleaning are an effective way to uphold workplace cleanliness. Our expertise and specialized training enable us to provide top-notch cleaning services, minimising the spread of bacteria and viruses. Vanguard enhances the health and safety of your business with our expert cleaning solutions, whether you need a regular cleaning service or a deeper cleaning solution.

In this article, Vanguard will outline the key benefits of a clean workspace, and how we can help create a healthier, happier, and more hygienic work environment.

7 Benefits Of A Clean And Tidy Workspace

Below we have outlined 7 main advantages of having a clean a pristine working environment, and how it helps your business operate at optimal capacity.


1. Minimises Distractions

Removing clutter helps to remove distractions, meaning you get a clear focus on your work. With a clean space comes a clean mind, allowing a clear head to get tasks completed faster. A disordered workspace can become stressful and harm workflow, so keeping a tidy area is crucial to a calm and competent working environment.

Research indicates that distractions can result in tasks taking 27% longer, and cause double the number of errors. This is why keeping distractions to a minimum is essential for maximising both quality and quantity of work.


2. Reduces Staff Sickness And Absences

In our last article, we revealed The Dirty Truth Behind Office Hygiene, which highlighted the shocking statistics about the cleanliness of our workspaces. For example, the fact that the average office desk contains far more germs than a toilet seat highlights just how much bacteria workspaces can harbour.

An unsanitary workplace can lead to illnesses, resulting in staffing shortages and hindering the overall efficiency of your business. Implementing rigorous cleaning procedures is essential to mitigate the transmission of illnesses such as colds and viruses, especially as we enter the winter season.

Bacteria and viruses can spread quickly across workspaces due to their fast-paced and interactive nature. To minimise staff illnesses, regular cleaning and disinfection should be conducted to stop the spread of germs that can cause everything from the common cold to E.coli. This ensures a healthier and happier workforce, able to operate at maximum capacity.

Having a clean workspace is a crucial element of infection control, which is why sanitising surfaces and frequent touchpoints is such an important element of commercial cleaning. Some of these areas include:

  • Laptops
  • Keyboards
  • Door handles
  • Lift buttons
  • Handrails

Professional cleaning is critical to maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment and protecting the health of your workforce. Ensuring these areas are frequently sanitised is one of the most important steps in creating a clean workplace, keeping your staff happy and healthy.


3. Reduces Risk Of Hazards And Injuries

Keeping a tidy workspace free of clutter means less potential for trips and injuries, which could harm staff ability to carry out tasks. Unclean floors, for example, can be a slipping hazard if not dealt with promptly and effectively.

Regular cleaning, specifically floor mopping, reduces this substantial risk. Vanguard Cleaning offers this as part of our daily cleaning services. We also offer professional floor cleaning services, whether your floor is laminate, tiles, or carpets. This not only protects your employees but leaves your floors pristine thanks to our BICSc- accredited training protocols and investment in the latest cleaning equipment.

Hiring a professional cleaning company ensures that your floors won’t become a breeding ground for bacteria, or as a slipping hazard for anyone who enters your site. Crucially. Cleaning professionals like Vanguard invest in state-of-the-art equipment, so that your flooring is never damaged in the cleaning process. We ensure that your flooring is left safe and spotless every time, however frequently this may be.


4. Increases Staff Productivity And Output

Having an untidy workspace is proven to hinder productivity, with 40% of employees admitting that an untidy workspace  makes them less productive.  A further 2 out of 5 state that a messy desk has a direct impact on their workplace performance, indicated that a clean space creates better working conditions.

To maximise efficiency in your workplace, choose a commercial cleaning company like Vanguard. We can help your business operate at its best with our cleaning solutions and facilities management.  With our customised cleaning schedules and audits, Vanguard offers a solution that considers your specific business needs, whether you need daily cleaning or specialised cleaning services.


5. Creates A Professional Reputation

An organised workspace is far more likely to create a positive impression for clients and visitors than a messy one. A clean space creates a more professional image, instilling an image of trust and responsibility. First impressions are important, whether it be to visitors, clients, or potential investors. Keeping a pristine workspace helps create an image of accountability, organisation, and care. Looks famously aren’t everything, but they certainly help achieve a positive first impression of your premises!

Research indicates that people make a judgement about you and your business within as little as 7 seconds, so having a tidy workplace is essential in nailing those first impressions. This time isn’t enough for you to lay out the credentials of your business, but it is enough for you to sell yourself as professional and organised, by presenting your workplace in this way.

With Vanguard’s fully CQC-compliant services, your workplace will not only look pristine, but receive a rigorous cleaning service to help keep your business safe.


6. Cuts Business Costs In The Long-Term

Bigger cleanups require more time and resources to fix. Keeping on top of your regular cleaning is essential for workplace maintenance, which can cut costs in the long-term. Looking after your equipment and floors can extend their lifespan and is far easier to maintain than to replace.

An easy way to maintain your workplace is with our commercial cleaning checklist, which covers all your regular cleaning tasks.  With over two decades of experience as an industry-leader in UK cleaning, Vanguard Cleaning consistently delivers top-tier services across a range of sectors.


7. Improves Employee Morale

Caring for your workspace is part of caring for your staff, helping them feel values and appreciated. When employees feel values, they are likely to have a positive work attitude and higher job satisfaction. A clean, organized workspace can boost employee morale, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity. When employees feel their well-being is a priority, they are more likely to continue working for a business and contribute more to the team.

In addition to staff retention, employee morale is an important element in attracting staff. A high staff turnover can reflect poorly on your business and can be an off-putting factor to attractive candidates. A clean environment is more inviting to current and prospective staff, creating a pleasant and appealing working environment.

This can have wider impacts in reducing employee turnover, saving costs and time in training new staff. So keeping on top of cleaning in the workplace has a significant impact on both present and potential employees, company loyalty, and save on your time and costs in the long-term.


Vanguard Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Vanguard is an easy way to keep your workspace clean and tidy, taking the stress out of workplace maintenance. Vanguard has a comprehensive range of cleaning packages available to cover all your cleaning needs. This includes:

  • Daily Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • Professional Floor Cleaning
  • Specialist Cleaning Services
  • Washroom Services
  • Window Cleaning.

We also offer enhanced and deep cleaning services if your premises needs some extra care. Our services are available to a wide variety of sectors, whether your business is an office premises or larger manufacturing facility. We also work with the medical sector, automotive industry, and educational settings, providing excellent services up and down the UK.

With regular cleaning, you can ensure your premises is maintained with frequent cleaning to keep your workspace clean and tidy.  This includes all essential cleaning duties such as wiping services, mopping, and dusting. With our tailor-made cleaning schedules and audits, we always work to create solutions that work best for your business.  Day or night, our cleaners can work at any time to suit your business needs, whilst minimising disruption for you and your staff.

To find out more about how we can give your workspace a pristine clean, and to receive a free, no-obligation quote, contact our team of professionals today.